In the picturesque island of Guernsey, literary enthusiasts and book lovers from around the world will gather for the much-anticipated Guernsey Literary Festival 2024. This annual celebration of words, ideas, and storytelling has become a beacon for those seeking intellectual stimulation and a communal appreciation for literature. The 2024 edition promises a unique blend of established authors, emerging voices, and engaging events that will leave attendees with a profound appreciation for the written word.

One of the highlights of the Guernsey Literary Festival is its impressive line-up of authors from various genres and backgrounds. This year, the diverse programme encompasses literature, poetry, business, food, politics, sport and history, with family events, school programmes and outreach activities. Media personalities set to appear include; Michel Roux, who will share his French culinary delights, Louise Minchin is set to recount her adventures with extraordinary women, Sarah Beeny will reflect on life's simplicity, Mike Brearley will delve into cricket and the mind, Pat Nevin will offer an insight into football's less glamorous aspects, and Bryony Gordon will explore mental health. 

Attendees will have the opportunity to engage with best-selling authors, participate in interactive Q&A sessions, and gain insights into the creative processes behind their favourite books. The festival truly embraces the notion that literature knows no boundaries, offering a platform for both local and international talents to share their stories and connect with readers on a personal level.


Guernsey literary festival

The Guernsey Literary Festival is known for its choice of unique and charming venues, creating an atmosphere that fosters creativity and open discussion. Historic libraries, intimate theatres, and even outdoor spaces became the backdrop for thought-provoking discussions, book signings, and performances. Attendees will be treated not only to the words of their favourite authors but also to the beauty of Guernsey itself, enhancing the overall experience of the festival.

Beyond traditional author readings, the festival offers a range of interactive workshops and panel discussions, providing attendees with the opportunity to actively engage with literature in a meaningful way. From writing masterclasses to discussions on the impact of literature on society, these sessions allow participants to explore the depth and breadth of the written word.

The festival's commitment to fostering a love of literature was evident in its inclusion of family-friendly events and educational initiatives. Workshops for aspiring young writers, book clubs, and storytelling sessions for children contributed to the festival's mission of making literature accessible and enjoyable for all.


The tranquil streets of St Peter Port, Guernsey

What sets the Guernsey Literary Festival apart is its strong connection to the local community. Beyond the international names gracing its stages, the festival actively involves local writers, storytellers, and readers. This blend of global and local talent creates a vibrant and inclusive atmosphere, showcasing the power of literature to unite people across cultures and backgrounds.